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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become Eligible For Medical Marijuana
  1. Register & pre-qualify. Complete your online registration and take our brief pre-qualification survey to receive immediate results on whether your condition(s) qualify for a Florida Medical Marijuana Recommendation.  

  1. Make an appointment. If your conditions qualify, contact us to schedule an exam with one of our certified physicians. You are required to provide a credit card when booking your exam. There will be a cancelation/no-show fee. 

  1. Receive your Registry ID#. After completing your exam and meeting the Florida requirements, your 420 Medical physician will enter your order with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Then you will receive a Registry ID#. This will allow you to attain your Medical Marijuana Card from the State of Florida.  

What Will I Bring To My First Appointment?
  1. Your Florida Driver’s License or ID card to prove that you are a resident of Florida. 

  1. Your completed Pre-Qualification form 

  1. Your medical records 

  1. As an alternative, you may submit your medical records via fax: (555) 555.5555  or online submission: Medical Records Form (We need supporting medical records of your diagnosis of a qualifying condition under Florida law. Usually the most recent office visit from your primary or specialist treating physician, will have a summary of your diagnosis and treatments up to date for your indicated condition.) 


Why do I need to bring my medical records? 

We are required to have supporting medical records of your diagnosis of a qualifying condition under Florida law. Your primary or specialist treating physician most likely will have an up to date summary of the diagnosis and treatments of the condition you indicate.

Do You Accept Health Insurance?

No. Insurance companies do not pay for Medical Marijuana related services or medicines.

Do I Need A Referral?

No, referrals are not required. Though, a previous diagnosis and treatment by a physician or specialist for a qualifying condition is needed. 420 Medical requires patients to provide copies of medical records that support their diagnosis. 

Steps to Certification
  • Pre-qualification: A 420 Medical team member will evaluate your pre-qualification survey and inform you whether your condition may qualify you for medical marijuana eligibility. 
  • Qualification: For qualification, patients need to become certified to receive the Florida Medical Marijuana Card. You will be required to see one of our physicians in-person at our office. There is a charge for a consultation office visit.  Click Here  for fees. 
  • Certified:  Patients will be certified and added to the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry in accordance with Florida law if they have a qualifying condition and are approved by one of our physicians. 
What Are The Requirements For Qualification?
  • Must be a Florida resident. 

  • Must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition. 

  • If under the age of 18, the patient must receive a second physician’s agreement to the use of low-THC cannabis or medical cannabis so they may obtain an order from a qualified physician. 

  • Patients must have gone through other treatments with no success. 

  • Physician must decide that the risks of using medical marijuana are sensible due to the benefit(s) to the patient. 

  • Patients must be registered with the  Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry  by a qualified ordering physician. 

Low The Cannabis and Medical Marijuana
  • Low-THC Cannabis (a plant of the genus Cannabis) is the dried flowers which contain 0.8 percent or less of tetrahydrocannabinol and more than 10 percent of cannabidiol weight for weight; the seeds thereof; the resin taken from any part of such plant; or any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant or its seeds or resin that is dispensed from a medical marijuana treatment center.
  • Medical Marijuana is all parts of any plant of the genus Cannabis, whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin taken from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin, including low-THC cannabis, which are dispensed from a medical marijuana treatment center for medical use by a qualified patient.
What To Expect In My First Visit

Arrive 10-15 minutes early. We advise that the online intake forms sent via email be completed (read, initial and sign). If the online intake forms are not completed prior to your visit, please arrive 40-50 minutes early to complete them in our office.  

Once we verify your intake forms after your arrival, we will collect payment for your visit (before services are rendered).  

Next, you will be taken back to one of our team members who will take your vital signs. An in-person exam will be conducted by the doctor. You and the doctor will discuss your condition, previous treatments, any questions or concerns, and develop a treatment plan.  

Before you leave, please make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment! 

Please download and complete the form - Click Here


Where Do I Get My Medical Marijuana Once I Receive My Card?

You are required to purchase your medical marijuana from state approved dispensaries, also known as Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC). There are seven current dispensing organizations that are authorized by the State of Florida: CHT Medical, The Green Solution, Trulieve, Surterra Therapeutics, Modern Health Concepts, Knox Medical, and GrowHealthy. 


Patients are encouraged to check out every MMTC (Dispensary) link below, because every organization has varying products and pricing. 


Find the nearest MMTC to you by clicking on the current approved medical marijuana treatment centers below: 

CHT Medical   855-524-8633
The Green Solution   800-429-1987
Trulieve   844-878-5438
Surterra Therapeutics   850-391-5455
Modern Health Concepts   877-303-0741
Knox Medical   888-441-5669


Courier delivery for products may be available for medical marijuana treatment centers. Place an order for delivery with a MMTC (Dispensary) if you do not find one in your city. You must contact the MMTC directly so that you may fill out an order for medical marijuana.

Is There An account To Check My Medical Marijuana Account?
  • You can login to your account here:
  • Dispensaries: Click Here